Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Press Release February 28th 2015 - United Portraits Software Release Allows Online Yearbook Proofing


United Portraits Software Release Allows Online Yearbook Proofing

Gilbert, Ariz. (February 28, 2015)- Gone are the days of endless frustration and massive piles of paper copies, as United Portraits rolls out its online yearbook approval system late this month.

As leading yearbook professionals, United Portraits strives to give their clients the ultimate experience by providing a smooth and organized approval process, now located entirely online.

United Portraits developed the technology after witnessing the frustration that yearbook advisors and teachers go through having to edit paper copies of their book. In the past, a paper copy of the book would be left with the school and yearbook editors would be required to go through page by page, marking with ink what was incorrect or needed to be changed. It is a time-consuming and inefficient method, and United Portraits knew it could improve the system.

The new program allows schools to go in and edit everything online. No more worrying about losing paper copies, or having to track down teachers to get their pages back.

We use proprietary software systems and in-house processes that make your experience easy and stress-free. There are no middle-men to pay, and nobody touches your order except our staff members.”–United Portraits Team

United Portraits looks forward to working with your organization. To learn more about United Portraits and to schedule to have your students or schools’ photos taken or your yearbook done, visit them at www.UnitedPortraits.com or call 602-538-9600.

About United Portraits

United Portraits works with high schools, middle schools, 
elementary schools, youth sports organizations and colleges/universities. They also work closely with parents looking to take professional photos of their children. Their prices are 65% lower than the average competitor. Their turnaround time is the fastest in the industry, and they have leading technology for you to review your proofs.

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